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Wheel of Fortune continues to be America's most watched show in syndication entering its 29th season. Created by Merv Griffin in 1975 as an NBC daytime show, Wheel of Fortune is based on the popular game "Hangman." Pat Sajak and Vanna White have hosted the show since its debut in syndication in 1983.

Three contestants compete by spinning the wheel and calling out consonants for money or prizes. The first contestant to solve the puzzle wins the prizes he/she has amassed in the round, while the others' banks are depleted. The contestant who has won the most cash and prizes at the end of the main game is the "big winner" and plays in the "Bonus Round" for additional prizes. No one leaves Wheel of Fortune empty-handed because whether or not he/she ends up in the bonus round, each contestant walks away with the prizes won by solving puzzles correctly or a minimum of $1,000 cash.

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