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Everybody Loves Raymond follows the relationships between three close-knit generations who happen to live a little too close for comfort. The centerpiece is sportswriter Ray Barone (Ray Romano), who lives on Long Island, NY, with his loving but no-nonsense wife, Debra (Patricia Heaton), and their three kids. Living just across the street, embracing the motto, "Su casa es mi casa," are Ray's meddling parents, Marie (Doris Roberts) and Frank (Peter Boyle). And, constantly moving in and out of his parents' house is Ray's older brother, Robert (Brad Garrett), a policeman who resents Ray's successful career and happy family life. When it comes to life with the Barones, the conversation gets as hot - and as rich - as the food.

One of the most-loved comedies on television, Everybody Loves Raymond has been named "TV's most consistently funny comedy" (USA Today) and called "a rare and winning combination of wit, sweetness and eccentricity" (People magazine).

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