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"The Jerry Springer Show," a mainstay of popular culture, brings viewers the outrageous guests they've come to expect, as well as some new twists on topics and even more wild relationships from some of America's most colorful characters.

Having debuted on Sept. 20, 1991, and seen on nearly 200 U.S. TV stations, "Springer" remains hugely popular and has outlasted 71 talk shows (including Oprah). A hit in the international marketplace, "Springer" is seen in numerous countries, including England, Japan, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Portugal, Serbia and South Africa. Springer's worldwide appeal and status as a cultural icon has catapulted his popularity all over the globe, even inspiring an award-winning opera in the UK, "Jerry Springer: The Opera." Springer was a fan favorite on "Dancing With The Stars," finishing in the top five and his increasing popularity led to him hosting NBC's primetime hit "America's Got Talent" in 2008.

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